One of my favorite things is introducing Buddhi to those who have never seen it before, and watching them experience the magic for the first time. I offer Introduction to Buddhi Workshops which give students a first look at the practice. The workshops are 2 hours in length and include an explanation and history of the practice, breakdown of challenging moves, and a full-length Buddhi class.

Are you a studio owner wanting to experience Buddhi? Are you a student who thinks their studio would love Buddhi?

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Zuzana Jacenkova
If you want to sweat like during circuit training, feel the music vibes like in a Zumba class, clear your mind just like when practicing yoga and most importantly, if you want to have a looot of fun, then you have reached for the right exercise! As I have been living on the island (Malta) for some years now, the short list of local sport opportunities became for me more of a frustration rather than a motivation. To be honest, I was (and still am) fed up with these classes and yoga for all levels that just don’t fulfil my taste – don’t get me wrong, I enjoy yoga and the journey of practicing yoga is never ending so I always learn something new from each class that I attend. And then I have found something new that literally brought the sparkle back into my eyes - Buddhi yoga! After doing some research on Google what Buddhi yoga actually is, I went to the workshop with one hope only, that I would be walking back home with a smile all over my face. When trying something new, there is always this inner stress of not knowing what the instructor is like and how the class will be going on, who are the people around you... Therefore I really appreciated the first part of the workshop, whereby Felicia introduced herself and her story of becoming an instructor of Buddhi yoga and familiarized us with the background of the practice. Also, she gave all of us, the attendants, a chance to get to know each other and let her know our expectations – thumb up for this, the best way of ensuring that your “students” will be satisfied is to get to know what they want J Moreover, Felicia shared with us heavy moments of her life, that not just made us feel closer to her, but also confirmed that Buddhi yoga is not just an exercise. The second, practice part was like a huge explosion! Perfect workout, that totally switched off my brain and put the power mode on. To describe it in words, I would say that Buddhi yoga is an amazing symbiosis of music, workout and (active) meditation. Not to put honey around your mouth, it is a real challenge to go through an hour (or more) of a constant push of your limits, when you want to quit like 100 times... But don’t worry, if not the music, then Felicia will encourage you that you are able to do it. Well, what more to say. I was walking home with a smile all over my face and I’m pretty sure that my positive aura was seen from far away. I am really grateful for this experience, and hopefully there will be more and more “explosions” of joy and happiness on the island! Thank you, Felicia, for spreading Buddhi yoga around the world and sharing a part of you with others. You are a beauti-foo-l person J PS: Hope to use saved glitters from the workshop soon!
Zuzana Jacenkova

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