Give me your body for a week and I will give you back your mind.

These trips break the tired mold of “retreats.” While travelling to a destination and practicing at beautiful villas is noble, it is limiting in adventure. Active Vacations are an opportunity for curious wanderers to experience adventure and fitness in one vacation.

Our group jumpstarts the day with a Buddhi yoga session and spends the rest of the day exploring the destination in an active way. Whether it be hiking, swimming, or exploring the local sights, we’re sure to keep moving to the rhythm around us.

Best of both worlds? Our Active Vacation allows for a vacation experience stimulating to the body and mind. Let’s increase our fitness, while mentally relaxing from the stresses of life.

I plan everything, so the participants don’t have to think about a thing – just a mental and physical reset from real life!

Upcoming Active Vacations


Come shake your Buddhi in the Mediterranean while we explore all that this historical, beautiful island archipelago has to offer!

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Travel to the birthplace of Buddhi and experience the magic of the Big Island.

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