Felicia is an incredible retreat host and yoga teacher. I met her in Malta and she organized a fantastic retreat. I stayed in a beautiful accommodation with incredible views of the harbour. Each day was carefully planned out yet very flexible based on how I was feeling.

I ate incredible food, saw all of the majestic sites that Malta has to offer, enjoyed stunning beaches, and learned an incredible new form of yoga!

Felicia pushed me to new heights, and encouraged me to deepen my practice, appreciate my body, and give me the courage to help her teach a class near the end of the retreat.

This was a very special connection that Felicia and I shared, and I’m forever grateful for all of the carefully curated experiences that she designed, along with a newfound love of Buddhi Yoga.

I have been to multiple yoga retreats and nothing came close to this experience. Join her on her retreat. Not only will you have the best retreat experience ever, but it will positively impact your life. Thank you so much Felicia!