Felicia is fire!

If there was ever a buddhi skeptic, it was me. You want me to shake my butt with strangers…sober? « Yesyesyes! It’ll be fun.» Felicia promised. Off I went, to be utterly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself.

Attending Felicia’s buddhi classes is a rewarding, experience that leaves you more energized than tired.

One would think that such strenuous rhythmic yoga and dance would knock the wind out of you – and it does – but, a few hours later, you are filled with a new intensity that is easily worth the price of admission.

Imagine a happy, better, if not slightly more sore, self. That’s what she does! She’s shaking an already existant You out of her/his comfort zone.

Felicia has a thoughtfully-crafted playlist that moves the class along, through RnB, latino jams and more. Her infectious smile can motivate a motley crew. I’ve seen grandmas, moms, students and even kids jam it out on their mats.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who has a sense of adventure. I dare you not to smile.