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About ME

I attended my first Buddhi class in 2012 on the Big Island of Hawaii, the birthplace of Buddhi. I was instantly hooked from the first twerk.

After practicing for a few years under the founder of the discipline and her students, I became certified as a Buddhi instructor in 2016. Experiences in my life brought me to my mat more and more often, and I found myself becoming increasingly engrossed in the practice.

My practice continuously grows and deepens and the benefits from practicing continue to spill off my mat and into all areas of my life. I am so grateful for this practice and everything it has brought into my life, and want to share Buddhi with as many people as possible.

Since becoming certified, I have taught around the world – including China, Singapore, Romania, Germany, Malta, Cyprus, and the USA – and I continue to watch Buddhi work its magic across cultures, borders, languages, genders, and ages.

One of my favorite things to do is introduce Buddhi to new people and see the positive changes this practice brings into their lives. I would love to share Buddhi with YOU.


Buddhi is a high-energy, endorphin-producing, holistic workout founded on the Big Island of Hawaii that incorporates elements of dynamic yoga, sensual dance, powerful movements, and blasts of cardio to connect mind, body, and soul.

Move your body in new and challenging ways and connect with your inner energy as you test your physical capabilities and mental will.

Buddhi will push you to break through your limitations, let go of any expectations, and release anything that no longer serves you until all that is left is a radiant feeling of confidence, strength, and ecstatic happiness.

A practice for anyone, irrespective of age, gender, or physique.

A challenge for everyone, regardless of fitness level, prior experience, or background.

Feel free to express yourself in a safe, nurturing space, free from judgement.


I created Buddhifool World to establish a platform to share Buddhi with the world. My vision is for it to grow into a global Buddhi community, offering a wide assortment of resources for everyone from those who are just starting out to those who already can’t get enough.

There is so much here to explore – online instructional videos and filmed classes, opportunities for live classes in the way of pop-up classes and workshops, immersive experiences in the form of my active Buddhi vacations, Buddhi outfits and gear, and an interactive blog. I encourage you to explore this Buddhifool World and let’s get shaking!